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Coffee Hive is a casual café chain that provides unpretentious good food, freshly brewed local kopi (coffee), and fast service in a cheerful, cosy space.

Here, you can have a variety of Singapore-style fusion food every day, without breaking your bank. We take pride in our kopi. With only real ingredients used, our unique blend of kopi will remind you of the traditional kopi without it acidic after taste.

Our mission is simply to give the best value to customer by providing good, affordable food, with great service, in an environment where staff and customers are like family.

Why Coffee Hive?

We started in 2012 and we have grown to 11 outlets. 6 of the outlets are self-owned. From our first outlet, the founders mastered the art of creating good, quick and affordable food.

We have a proven track record, having 6 successful self-owned outlets before embarking into the franchise journey is a testament that we are a credible Franchisor, with a replicable success model before we introduce our concept to our Franchisees.

Having outlets in different areas such as in the CBD office areas, Places of Interest and Shopping Malls has provided us as a strong background to be a Franchisor to support our Franchisee to succeed in different environments.

Comprehensive menu means you are able to maximise the customer spend throughout the day, from morning breakfast to tea-break to lunch to afternoon break and dinner. Having a menu of local favourites also helps us feed the hungry crowds who can visit us several times in a week, every week of the year!

Easy to operate. We have established a concise set of manuals and procedures that helps our franchisees to operate in a simple but structured approach to learn, start and grow their business. With our cooking methologies, we are also able to ensure that the food is consistently good and easily replicable.

Great locations. We have a constant list for great locations and will share our experience in location selection with you for higher success rate. 

Strong operational and management support. Having a strong management team with experienced staff also provides us with a franchise team with a specialized and dedicated focus in areas such as cooking, recruitment, locations sourcing, renovations, IT support etc. to support the franchisees.

Finally, we have a follow up process that helps us to continually support our franchisees in improving their business. For us, a franchisee is a partner and only through continuous discussion and support can our Franchise business be a success. We recognise that first and foremost, our franchisees must be successful before our franchise business can succeed.

We are committed to your success!


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