TECH PRINTING SHOP! Central Area, Ground Level Store. Low Rental, Highly Scalable

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TECH PRINTING SHOP! Central Area, Ground Level Store. Low Rental, Highly Scalable

General Information



we are NOT like the typical printing companies, with large land space,big depreciate machines, labour and capital intensive. 

some people call us print on-demand store. some call us printing company without printer. We are the underdogs, penetrating printing retail shop. frontline sale fighting industry. moving towards media and tech but also remaining our core business. exploring in progress with clear directions in future. we are youngest in industries 30yo.. very good time to come in since covid, many big boys in the market have close down or suffering high damages. we print from papers to materials, cups, tee shirt, large format,outdoor installation, coporate gifts as such.. 

Join us on a fun and exciting adventure today! 

Best for :

we welcome full-time buy over owner


new fresh entrepreneur

old bird business owner

enthusiastic and highly motivated person

have design skills (photoshop,canva,ai)

or web developing skills(shopify) or tech person

open minded learner

We dont welcome or please skip us:

low ballers 

sleeping partners

negative spreader 

Package include:

inside-out information on markets,products,suppliers,competitors. 

you are buying not just our brand but also our knowledge and connections. future plan, decision making, mindset, human interaction, business format, system and structure. 

machine worth over 30k all in good condition and have resale value. 

website generating sales, sales funnels, stream of income

market place accounts with reviews. facebook,ig,carousell as such

very highly scalable (niche treasure) in many ways. 

awesome location (thousands walking by everyday)

low overhead/expenses, profiting even on covid days. no commitment and low subscription fee. no liabilities, only have assets. 

rolling cash needed 10k+-, all cash/nets/paynow. no own or delay payment form customer. 

lots of data base ranging from sme business owners,students, big companies. 

Bad points

guts too small, play too safe. 

never loan or owe money to bank before so no credit reports for future loans. 

What will happen when you come join us? 

money wise, paying to shareholder that buy out by You.

you will be joining us for all meetings and frontline work. 

BONUS! current 3 owner are business owners of other companies..

Reason for selling or need investors

conflict of shareholders, different directions thus causing delayment of improvement. too many voices in company. 

all shareholders have their own business to run.

how much in total

100k for 100% for full ownership 

55k for 55% for investors 

Contact me if sincere

Just by looking at this copy writing and information given, you know how good we are at online selling. 

call me/whatsapp at 9832 0170 for more info

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