Online Singing Community Blooming Due to Covid 19

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Online Singing Community Blooming Due to Covid 19

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Due to Covid 19, I believe all of us are currently in “recession status”, almost 70% of the industries are affected however not all. There are enterprises and trades that bloom during this period of time due to the lockdown. E.g. Netflix, Online Game Apps and also Singing Apps.


Currently, we are a Singapore registered company that requires additional funding to monetize our already recruited 15,150 active members from the 2 singing apps (From Taiwan, Singapore Malaysia & China)

We started our own online channel since 1 year ago out of interest and currently we already had an outburst of members and realized that there is a huge potential in monetizing in our members.

This business can scale into a huge number of users and followers. We hope that you can join us in this journey in making this company to be the No. 1 Online Singing Community worldwide.

We are looking for a minimum $5000 investment, due to confidential details, do PM us for more info so we can share more information with you.


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