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Online Magazine Article Platform

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Great opportiunity for an enthousiastic entrepreneurial mind with media background.

Within MagBe, we developed a magazine article platform which allows for reading of articles on different topics from a range of different publishers. The platform can easily be modified to cater for other kinds of content as well (for exmaple newspaper artciles,scientific publications etc.)

The platform is fully developed by us, fully owned by MagBe and the offer includes the complete platform with all functionalities. We also include mentoring sessions.

Please check out the platform at

Great opportunity to sell white label (SaaS) to publishers. 

Other revenue opportunites: advertising, license fees, subscription fees and pay-per-article. Functionalities to cater for these revenue streams have all been created already.

Since the founders have other activities that require all their attention, we have to let go of this company and software platform. This is a great opportunity to step in a start-up company without having to develop everything from scratch, so you can hit the ground running at a very affordable price.

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