Gas Distribution Organization. Wholesale of natural gas.

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Gas Distribution Organization. Wholesale of natural gas.

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For sale in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, a gas transmission system with a total length of 320 kilometers of trunk and distribution gas pipelines, of which high-pressure gas pipelines: 160.0m., medium-pressure gas pipelines: 77,503.0m., low-pressure gas pipelines: 242337.0m.

It has its own gas distribution station, upgraded in 2021, with a capacity of up to 26,000 m3/hour.

This gas transmission system provides natural gas to nine settlements with a population of 9,000 subscribers and 213 municipal enterprises.

There is a full prospect for the development of the gas transmission system, which implies an annual increase in the number of subscribers of 500-700 houses, with the possibility of additional earnings on construction and installation work.

There is also an office space with a production base.

The number of staff is 80 people.

The company's existence period is 24 years.

More detailed information will be sent upon written request.

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