Ecommerce Business With 30K Revenue Per Month For Sale

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Ecommerce Business With 30K Revenue Per Month For Sale

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- Ecommerce selling domestically

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Selling on a few platform that has over 5 millions in traffic on each platform

Basically you 

Reason for selling as shareholder split up

You can work from home with this business

- No need to do marketing on social medias etc as the platform itself is doing the marketing and what you need to do is to tap onto the millions of traffic in it.

- No building of own websites,no need to pay for subscriptions monthly, no need knowledge of creating websites, coding or even those drag and drop website creator.

This is not some fairytale business whereby we tell you its a passive income or such, you need to do the works like stocking up, negotiating with suppliers etc.

Interested can pm me, not agent or broker. Direct seller here.

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